The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) new audio series CMS QI Voices features insights and facts from CMS leadership on COVID-19 vaccines to support better resident outcomes. The series also explores how nursing homes and QIN-QIOs are working together to tackle COVID-19 vaccination and infection control challenges to improve resident outcomes.

Listen to Episode 7: Best Practices for Cohorting and Infection Prevention featuring HQI Consulting Manager, Deb Smith who shares her expertise on adapting infection prevention practices during a public health emergency.

Other episode topics include Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy in a High-Turnover PopulationLong-term Care Treatment Options for COVID-19, and A Culturally Inclusive Approach to Address Health Equity and Increase Vaccine Confidence.

HQI Consulting Manager, Deb Smith
Listen to CMS Voices Audio Series
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